"Every child should have the chance to be exceptional without exception."

Dr. Joseph Renzulli

Our goal is to provide a holistic education.  Therefore, our the pedagogical approach offers all subjects in a combined manner with a transversal and multidisciplinary (project based learning) approach. We implement the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM - Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis) as our central model for the development of our students' interests, abilities, expressions, and learning styles.

The SEM is a pedagogical model that provides enrichment learning opportunities to all students. The focus of the model is the development of gifts, talents, and interests of all students. The SEM is also an organizational plan and educational intervention that allows students  the possibility of developing those skills, abilities, and interests through a variety of educational options.

The SEM provides enrichment opportunities that are meaningful, stimulating, and connected to real world problems. The idea is for students to develop potential talents and/or abilities and interests by respecting their learning style preferences and motivation or task commitment with the proposed learning opportunity.