Our Values


Trisquel furthers awareness and respect for others, the community and oneself. We value and honor the free expression of ideas, individual contributions and diversity.  To promote such values, project based learning is incorporated as a means to encourage collaboration in and outside of school.

Trisquel is a safe environment where making mistakes is not only allowed, it is encouraged.  In doing so, we improve our students’ willingness to try and develop their talents as productive members of society.

The Emotional Factor

It has been shown that emotions are essential in the learning process. They constitute, together with cognitive processes, a determining factor in motivation and knowledge acquisition. One of the basic principles that the center shares with the SEM Model is that learning is more effective when students enjoy what they do.  As a result, they achieve significantly more. Following this principle, a framework is put in place which continuously generates positive emotions towards acquiring knowledge.


Proactivity is defined as the attitude in which an individual actively assumes full control of their behavior. A proactive approach to learning goes beyond taking the initiative.  One must take responsibility for making things happen, each time deciding what they do and how they do it. This is therefore our understanding of the teaching-learning process.  Students learn through discovery and understanding and the application of their knowledge further promotes a framework in which proactive and meaningful learning takes place.


Being flexible in the way curricular goals are achieved and how to demonstrate students’ acquisition of the curriculum allows our attention to be differentiated and thus includes diversity. Customizing the curriculum using the tools from the SEM provides us with the opportunities to respond in a flexible manner to the diversity of our students and their needs.