Our mission is for our students to be autonomous in the learning process while creating a connection between what they learn in the classroom and the outside world. We help our students to discover and develop their talents. We strive for an integral development in which motivation and active participation are critical for success.

It is based on three fundamental principles:

  • awareness of SELF, through which we work assertiveness and non-violent communication. As social individuals, we should know ourselves and be able to manage our emotions, identify the associated needs and communicate and recognize our own talents to contribute to the development of a healthy society.
  • awareness of OTHERS, through empathy and active listening. It is a fundamental social ability to identify emotions and needs of others and to take them into account in our decisions and actions.
  • awareness of the COMMUNITY. The only walls that separate our school from abroad are physical.  It is not only necessary to bring the community into our space, but to go out into it and take part as active citizens through community service.